Friday, August 15, 2014

work space: simplified!!

Simplifying my living space: Yup, I have yet to do any actual simplifying in my home. I feel like I am constantly chasing down clutter that just moves from place to place rather than getting rid of anything. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I guess I will have to be more intentional with my time; maybe leave some of the things that are out of their place alone to get down to the nitty gritty to finally trash some things? I dunno. I guess that's what I'll have to try next week.

Simplifying my work space: Holy cow, my room is coming together! It's not quite there but I've made so much progress this week. When it's all together, I'll post some pictures that document the changes as well as how I've organized some of my therapy supplies to simplify the process of using them. My "to do" list continues to grow, but so does the number of things I'm crossing off. I continue to wait for a calendar to start marking all of my appointments, but for now Outlook will have to do. **Epiphany: Maybe I should get paid to simplify my living space. I'm convinced that some of my issue in not getting any simplifying done in my living space is due to the fact that it's unpaid.**

Simplifying my lifestyle: Man, oh, man is my life chaotic! Between the fact that I'm working the next three weekends in a row then transitioning to every other weekend and the realization that school starts full-time next week, my head is going to explode! The husband and I are trying to squeeze in a weekend at my family cabin, but we both have multiple items on our lists that aren't completed. Plus, I have a manicure set up tomorrow mid-day with my sister-in-law so that's cutting into our vacation time as well. Here is where I could use a boost to either cancel or reschedule the appointment, but I would feel terrible backing out this late in the game. I guess I will have to buck up next week and really think about where my priorities are (Note: Nails or husband? This time, nails won, unfortunately.)

Basically, I'm not feeling too great about my progress the last couple of days, but luckily I have another 6 weeks to tackle simplicity. I'm so grateful to know that although I'm not seeing the progress I would like, there is always room for improvement. Next time I'll let you in on some strategies I'm going to try in hopes that my efforts to simplify my living space and lifestyle are successful.

Signing off to spend some cuddle time with the husband!


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