Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello from Brooke

If you've ever questioned the validity of the phrase "opposites attract", Kat and I are proof that it's true. More and more evidence of that will come to light as you get to know us better. One example of that is while Kat is organized almost to a fault, as she mentioned in her last post, I am pure chaos. We have been talking about this blog and planning for it for awhile now, and our plan was to both unveil our Simplicity goals on Monday and say a hello. Kat succeeded, and here I am a few days later still struggling what to figure out to write.

The thing is, my life is already pretty simple. I don't like to complicate things, because complicated things just stress me out and I don't like to be stressed, I like to be happy. So as I've been trying to think of ways to "simplify" my life I've been coming up a little short. I don't need to work on organizing my desk because I only have like 2 things on my desk at work. And I don't need to simplify my planner or calendar because I don't have either of those things. I just sort of take things as they come. I've never been good at planning things and I like it that way. As I came to think about it more and more though I realized I do have things that stress me out and maybe working some simplicity magic on them could help. Thus I came up with 2 goals to start off with.

The first one is to simplify my closet. I hate getting dressed in the morning. It honestly is usually the most stressful part of my day. I have a lot of clothes and a very tiny closet, so either I end up feeling overwhelmed by all the choices OR I can't find the outfit that I actually want to wear because it's such a mess. So maybe I figure out a way to organize my closet better or maybe I get rid of some of my clothes. I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm going to figure out a way to make the process simpler.

The second one is to simplify my spending habits. I'm a spender by nature, I swipe my card and don't even think about it and then a week later when I look at the balance on my bank account I wonder where all my money went.  I also think that I "need" that really cute shirt, or I "deserve" that dinner out because I had a rough/great/lazy/whatever day. I want to work on making a simple budget and becoming a more conscientious spender. I want to learn to spend only on the things that are absolutely necessary and come to know the joy of getting to splurge on something after months and months of really hard saving.

So those are my two overall goals right now. "Overall" being the key word. Next post I'll start to dive a bit deeper into some of the smaller steps I plan on taking and come up with a solid endpoint for each so that I can declare success at somepoint and not feel like a rat on a wheel. I'm on vacation this week though so I'll start working on that next week. So really, it's ok that I didn't post when I was suppose to because I'm not even starting to better myself until next week. But regardless, here are my goals and welcome to our blog, I hope you come back :)


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