Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hey there! Kat speaking, or writing, I guess. I would like to welcome you to Blossoming Intentionally. You can reference our About the Blog page if you'd like to know what our blog is about, or you can reference our About the Authors page if you'd like to get know Brooke and I better. Or you can contact us if you have any riveting questions. Feel free to join us on our journey of learning to live intentionally and blossoming along the way!

Tomorrow I start my intentional journey of living more simply. As a neat freak who needs to have everything in order to feel comfortable and secure, I find that I typically make things far more complicated than they need to be in the name of organization. Some people would admire my organizational skills and I've had several friends and acquaintances inquire regarding them, but really, it can wreak havoc on my mentality! *Insert comment about my 3 planners, 4 "to do" lists, and color coding my food* I am so excited to learn about living more simply. I am hoping that I can create a lifestyle that aligns with my goals to slow down, enjoy the moment, and not get caught up in the chaos of life. If you'd like to peruse my simplicity goals, check them out here. Look back later this week for an update on my progress!


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